Station 3 is currently in its third home since Engine company 3 was placed in service in 1908. Station 3 was moved to 1222 Daisy Avenue in 1948 and has been in service to the citizens of the historic Willmore district ever since. Willmore city was founded by William Willmore and predates the Port of Long Beach by nearly 25 years! With such a long history the station has grown its own legends and mascots along the way. Some of these legends and mascots are in the new Station 3 mural which was completed in March of 2019. Some of the finished details include Chet the Fire dog, the historic Bembridge house, a small Rooster, and the initials DR in the Engine’s front grill to memorialize fallen Long Beach Fire Captain David Rosa.

Station 3 has been the home of the Poachers since the mid 1990’s when then Firefighter Paramedic Antonio Gomez created the design of a firefighter hauling off with a bag of stolen fire. This mascot came from the keen ability of Engine 3’s crews to creep into neighboring districts and arrive first due to working four bells. This has been assisted by both the prime placement of Engine 3 right on the “Daisy Highway” which gives excellent thoroughfares into and out of 3’s district, and the station’s high call volume which keeps the engine “out and about” during the day and night. Station 3 is also known as the “The Cock House” because of its plethora of Rooster adornments and figurines. The original rooster, which can still be found in the Captain’s office at Station 3, was originally found by then Firefighter Scott Wechsung in a small alley way off Anaheim Street and Cedar Avenue. The rooster was brought back to station 3 and the small army of roosters has been continually growing ever since! Engine 3 even has a wooden rooster affixed to the front bumper giving it the best seat on the engine while responding to a call.

While many would not have expected a rooster from a dumpster would have stuck as a traditional house mascot, but it has much deeper connections to the Historic Willmore than you might expect. Station 3 has a deeply diverse population in it, but there is a majority Hispanic population who reside in the Willmore. In traditional Hispanic culture Roosters are symbols of good luck and killing a rooster is almost a sure way to gain a following of bad luck! With great respect to the culture, station 3 has since become known as the Cock House as a means to better reflect the citizens of the Willmore District.