Dear Supporter,

We are proud to introduce you to the Long Beach Retired Firefighters Association (LBRFA), formerly known as the Honorary Association. The mission of the LBRFA has not changed and will continue to support the mission that has been going on for decades. However, that mission has also expanded and we are excited for the future of the LBRFA.

The LBRFA board of directors are working hard and have scheduled several events for 2019. Here are your board of directors:

  • Tony Mejia, President; Kirk Storey, 1st Vice-President; Steve Moritz, 2nd Vice-President

  • Paul Cheek, Treasurer; George Gjersvold, Secretary; Jason Wight, Director

  • Bill Fickling, Director; Dave Flores, Director; Mark German, Director

  • Ty Damico, Director; Harold Omel, Advisor; Kevin Scott, Advisor; Rex Pritchard, Advisor

Anyone, sworn or civilian, is welcome to join the LBRFA. Membership costs only $108 a year and helps support its mission. Simply put, the LBRFA is here to support the community: Camp Fire USA, American Red Cross, donating bikes to children in need, BBQing for community groups, making donations to charitable organizations and more.

The LBRFA is also here to support retired sworn members and members preparing for retirement. The LBRFA, in coordination with Local 372, works diligently to preserve your hard-earned pension benefit from attacks by special interests. We also assist with workers compensation claims AFTER retirement, provide professional/peer support for those dealing with behavioral health issues, support Retired Firefighters Day, and the Retirement Dinner. Additionally, LBRFA members can participate in the LBFD wellness program (sworn only), quarterly mixers so people can come together and catch up, receive the bi-monthly Local 372 newsletter mailed to your house, and so much more.

Joining is easy and for less than $10 a month, you can support not only the community but honor those men and woman who spent a career giving everything they had in protecting the residents of Long Beach. Attached is a Long Beach Firemen’s Credit Union form that you can use to join the LBRFA. Simply fill it out and deliver it to the C.U. in­ person or by mail. We can also take credit card and check payments by contacting the-Union Office at 562-989-3667. Once you have joined, you will receive a confirmation letter thanking you for your support, along with your membership card.

We are excited for the future of the LBRFA and appreciate your support. Again, this is open to sworn and civilian, so feel free to share with family and friends. The more support we gather, the greater impact we can have on our community. “One of the marvelous things about community is that it enables us to welcome and help people in a way we couldn’t as individuals.” (Jean Vanier)

On behalf of the Long Beach Retired Firefighters Association,

Tony Mejia

President, Long Beach Retired Firefighters Association

Brothers & Sisters

It’s an exciting time for our organization as our membership continues to grow. We have close to one hundred members and are looking forward to hitting that milestone at the Retired Firefighters Day.

Having said that, let me remind everybody that Retired Firefighters Day is Saturday, August 3 at the Union Hall. The menu is still the same as well as refreshments, both alcoholic and nonalcoholic. Please come out and join us for storytelling, reminiscing and just plain catching up with old and older guys. Also, make sure you go by the check-in table and update any contact info so that we can contact you about future events and newsworthy happenings. Hopefully, you will feel inclined to signup and become a member of the LBRFA. All membership information and questions can be answered by any LBRFA Board Member.

It was also nice to see a few members take advantage of the Wellness Program being offered up to retirees by the Fire Department. Look forward to more LBRFA Members taking advantage of this program next year.

Last but not least, just a reminder, the LBRFA is open for membership not only from retired but active firefighters as well. Sworn and civilians may join. We encourage Local 372’s active members to come out and join us at any of our events.

Hope to see you soon!