The Long Beach Firefighters
Memorial Association

The Long Beach Firefighters Memorial Association was founded in 1954 with the goal to promote and support fellowship amongst Long Beach Firefighters and their families. It has been a long-standing tradition of the organization to provide opportunities for families to come together at various events throughout the year. From the old traditions of the Fourth of July Fireworks Show, to the future traditions of Pizza Night and the Luau; the intention is offering an environment that encourages our Firefighters and their families to share more than a work schedule. In addition, the Long Beach Firefighters Memorial Association works to make a lasting impact on the community by fundraising and supporting other Long Beach nonprofits. The association raises those funds through events like the annual Golf Tournament and Car Show. It has always been important that we support organizations like the Long Beach Fire Museum and Long Beach Search and Rescue Explorer Post; as they have provided opportunities for future and past firefighters to stay involved with the city and the department.

The Long Beach Firefighters Memorial Association would like to extend a huge thank you to all of our sponsors who helped make the 3rdAnnual Golf Tournament a success. Special thanks to our Events Coordinator Jimmy Smith for making this year one of the best yet. His hard work and commitment to our organization leaves us all to believe that the future is bright. In addition, thank you to all our volunteers who took time to come out and help put on the tournament at Virginia Country Club.

The Memorial Association just had another great Firefighters Picnic on September 22nd2019 at the POA Park with a great turnout. It’s exciting to see our young department with all of our families spending time together. We really hope to see you all again soon at our next Pizza Night, Luau, and Picnic. These events are put on with the intention of provided a space for us, and our families, to spend quality time together outside of the station.

The next event our organization is supporting is the Dave Rosa Car Show on October 19th2019 at the POA Park (Located behind Lowes at the Long Beach Town Center). We would love to see all of you come out to check out the cool cars, eat some good food, and enjoy some great company. Again, thank you to everyone on the floor who continues to support our organization. See you at the next event!