Hello Fellow Life Savers!

Screaming down the road with lights flashing and sirens blaring is the life. Whether it is getting dressed for a 4-bell or heading out to another medical emergency, I always know our team is going to win. Looking back, there wasn’t an emergency response that they could throw at us that we couldn’t overcome. This has become one of my favorite things about being a Long Beach Firefighter.

Knowing my three other partners on the rig each day are going to battle by my side for the next 24 hours gives me security and confidence to do my job. Because throwing a team of four at a problem is always better than just one. “Bring it!”

Turns out, that happens to be one of the best strategies for life. Solomon is the writer of Ecclesiastes, a book in the Old Testament, who grappled with the frustrations of living life. He acknowledged while a person battling alone may be overpowered, two can defend themselves… (4:12), and that a friend can help us up when we fall (4:10).

Solomon’s words encourage us to share our journey with others so we don’t have to face the trials of life alone. For some, it will require a level of vulnerability we’re unfamiliar or uncomfortable with. For others, we crave that kind of intimacy and struggle to find friends with whom to share it. Whatever the case, never give up in the effort!

Solomon and Firefighters would agree: having teammates around us is the best strategy for facing the next emergency on the fireground and in life.

FFC meets once a month at 8 am, on alternating shifts at the Union Hall. We are here to encourage one another, as fellow Firefighters, to live their lives for Christ. Our next meetings are August 15th (C-Shift Day) & September 24th (A-Shift Day). Please join us!

Duaine Jackson, Brian Sher, Mick Hannan, Cade Marshall, Matt Bugbee, Tye Johnson, Chuck Hakopian, Caleb Brown


Long Beach Fire Department
2019 Meeting Schedule


August 15
C-shift on duty, A-shift coming off

September 24
A-shift on duty, B-shift coming off

October 23
B-shift on duty, C-shift coming off

November 19
C-shift on duty, A-shift coming off

December 12
A-shift on duty, C-shift coming off



All meetings will be held at the Union Hall, in the conference room

All meetings are from 0800-0930 hours

All LBFD members are invited and encouraged to attend, including active, retired and probationary members

For more info on what Firefighters for Christ is, visit or ask one of the LBFD FFC Coordinators: Duaine Jackson, Matt Bugbee, Tye Johnson, Josh Hogan, Charles Hakopian, Mick Hannan, Caleb Brown, Brian Sher and Cade Marshall