A new way to stay connected with our members


In April, we launched CPF Fire Wire a new podcast covering a wide range of issues affecting our firefighters, unions, families and the communities we serve. This podcast is a new way to connect and deliver reliable information to our members. From social media to cable news, we cut through the noise and discuss issues that matter to us as firefighters.

In our episodes, we’ve covered union activism, legislative priorities, politics and much more. What affects you on the job, your union, the community you serve and how we’re fighting for you is what we talk about.

In the inaugural episode, it was important that we convey the value of unions to our new firefighters who have joined a proud profession with a long union tradition. I was joined by Nick Gracia, President of Daly City Firefighters Local 1879, and Brian Ursettie, President of Arcadia Firefighters Local 3440. We discussed what inspired each of us to become active in our union and the power of firefighters standing together to make our voice heard.

As we continue with these episodes, I want to learn from each of you on what you think is important for us to cover. Chances are, if it’s important enough to you, then it’s probably important to other firefighters across the state. Email and let us know what you think we should cover next or your thoughts on a past episode.

The demands on our members’ lives are many and CPF Fire Wire is an easy way to stay connected to what we are doing in Sacramento to protect your wages, benefits and working conditions. Whether it’s on the drive to work or during a workout, CPF Fire Wire is an easy way to get the information and stay connected to your union. Episodes are released the first Wednesday of every month and you can find them on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.