Board Bio’s

Rex Pritchard, President

Rex graduated from Cal State Fullerton with a Bachelor of Science degree in Child Development. He attended Whittier College for post-graduate work, where he received his multiple-subject teaching credential. Rex taught 7th grade science in the East Whittier School District for five years prior to being hired with the LBFD in 2000. Rex is happily married to his high school sweetheart Heather. Heather and Rex are very proud of their only son Matt, who will be graduating high school this year. Rex currently works at Fire Station 10 and has served on the union board for most of his career in the positions of Trustee, Director, Vice-President, and now President.

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Kevin Scott, General Secretary-Treasurer

Kevin is a natural fit as the primary financial officer of the Local. With a long history of education, training, and experience in management and financial analysis, he is adept in all facets of directing our various monetary and physical resources. As a numbers guy, Kevin is knowledgeable about financial statement presentation, cash flow analysis, budget preparation, legal reporting and tax statement requirements.

Kevin holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, with an emphasis on accounting. He has been a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) since 1989. Prior to 2003, he co-owned and managed an OC real estate firm with annual sales in excess of $19M, property management contracts throughout OC and LA counties, and ancillary escrow services.

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Nick Krause, Vice President

Nick Krause is Vice President and currently serves as a fire boat pilot on boat 20. Nick is Local 372’s expert on our MOU and is a vital part of the negotiations team. Nick keeps our comparison survey regarding wages and benefits update year-round, so we always know where we stand. Nick is also our Port liaison. Nick has been a vital part of the team to ensure our relationships with the decision makers in the Port of Long Beach remain strong as the port grows.

Cell: 951-834-2911 • Email:

Al Suarez, Vice President

Al Suarez is an engineer assigned to fire station #11B in Northtown. Starting in 2006 he became involved with the Local as a station steward and has continued serving on the board of directors as vice president since 2012. Al’s areas of focus are workers compensation, elections, by-laws and the Telestaff committee.

While responding on calls day in and day out, we are presented with issues on the fly. Those issues may bring on specific questions and concerns. When that happens the Local recommends that you reach out to the appropriate board members and/or labor/management committees. On your station’s union board you will find the contact list for your board of directors. Please reach out to them via cell or email with any questions that you may have.

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Jason Cash, Director

Jason Cash is a 37-year old from Long Beach, CA. He has been with the Long Beach Fire Department for 10 years, spending most of his career at Fire Station 3. This is Jason Cash’s second year as a director for Local 372 as a mental health advocate and currently is a firefighter/paramedic assigned to HEART 1. Mr. Cash has an important role within the department as part of the Peer Support and CSM team, helping to debrief the members of the LBFD after critical incidences. He is passionate about the well-being and mental health of first responders and thus, has founded a non-profit organization, Halos 4 Heroes. Halos 4 Heroes provides mental awareness, peer support and referrals to appropriate professionals. Jason Cash resides in Long Beach. He is married to a Special Education teacher and has 2 children.

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James Dolas, Director

James Dolas is a newly appointed Director for Local 372. As a director, he is assigned with handling the community service events and social media for the Local. James has been a firefighter with the Long Beach Fire Department for the last five years and an employee with the City of Long Beach for a total of ten years. Currently, he is assigned to Station 11C as a Firefighter/Paramedic rotating down to Station 2C. He was born and raised in the Long Beach and Los Alamitos areas. James attended California State University of Long Beach and received a bachelors degree in Business Management and Operations Management. James resides in Long Beach with his wife Angie, daughter Talia and with baby number two on the way.

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Paul Meisel, Director

Paul Meisel is a new director for Local 372. Paul has 17 years with the Long Beach Fire Department and is currently the house captain at Station 7. Paul has been the lead foreman in all the construction projects occurring at the Union hall. Paul will be focusing on meet and confer items with the department for the Local, helping to ensure the department continues to meet in good faith over wages, hours and working conditions.

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James Smith, Director

James Smith has proudly served as a director on the Local 372 board for the past 5 years. James is also an IAFF California State Representative. James has served in the United States Marine Corps and in Operation Iraq Freedom. Upon his honorable discharge, James worked for Cal Fire in Northern California, the LAFD and Federal Fire Ventura County. James is a six year veteran of the LBFD and has spent 5 of those years at Station 3. James is our LBFD Honor Guard Commander and a board member of our Memorial Association. James lives in East Long Beach, is an avid fisherman, average golfer and finish carpenter.

Cell: 805-338-7629 • Email:

Jeff Ohs, Director


Jeff Ohs has been a Director of Local 372 since 2013.  He has been with the Long Beach Fire Department for 20+ years and his current assignment is BC1. Prior to working for LBFD, Jeff worked for the California Department of Forestry for 11+ years. He has been a member of CISD team for 10+ years and Operations Section Chief for CalFire IMT for 3 years. Jeff and his wife Mynda have been married for over 20 years. They have 2 adult children, Megan and Kyle.

Cell: 909-214-8083 • Email: