In this edition of the Kitchen Table’s CISD Corner, I wanted to take the opportunity to share with you some details of our program and where we are headed in the future.

We provide Critical Incident Stress Debriefing with our Peer Support Team for any call that qualifies as a critical incident that may cause a stressful or emotional response. We recently put 21 new members through the IAFF’s Peer Support training program which brings our roster total to 56. This will allow us to have access to a Debriefing Team available for all three shifts, and the depth to support these responses despite a possible shortage in personnel, such as with a Strike Team Deployment. A new, updated roster has been sent through e-mail to all Station Captains and you can always access the CISD/Peer Support team shift roster through TeleStaff.

Also on the updated roster are our Professional Therapists’ contact numbers and addresses. For our members who may need counseling beyond what our Peer Support team can provide, we refer the member to our Professional Therapists. We are extremely fortunate to have access to Dr. Klein, Dr. Gallivan, and Dr. Duggan and his associates. Recently, we were able to get Dr. Duggan and Associates added to the Preferred Provider list through the City, which means they now take our Anthem Blue Cross insurance. Along with these Professionals and our Peer Support Team’s numbers, we also have three chaplains’ contact information as well.

The last item listed on the roster sheet is information on how to access our Employee Assistance Program. Most of us cringe when we hear EAP or anything associated with it because of past experiences. However, there have been updates to our EAP within the last few years that I would like to shed some light on. EAP is now run through Anthem Blue Cross through the Mental Health Network. MHN offers six face-to-face, phone, or web-video sessions with licensed professionals in their network. Anyone who resides in the employee’s home is eligible for EAP services through the Mental Health Network.

Contact 1-888-426-0025 or visit and use the Company Code: LBBeWell

Hopefully, this helps clear up what is available to you.

Take care of each other,


CISD/Peer Support Information

LBFD Peer Support Members

A. Anderson 805-901-8525

J. Arnold 619-279-7750

A. Behrens 760-413-5906

B. Cheng 626-497-2987

J. Cash 562-279-4954

S. Dixon 562-685-3102

S. Fagan 562-229-2042

P. Gonsal 626-483-5806

M. Hannan 909-725-3806

B. Hunter 562-708-0823

K. Kacoullas 562-787-0386

N. Markouizos 562-822-6126

C. Milburn 714-420-8167

G. Newman 562-833-9388

J. Ohs 909-214-8083

K. Scott 714-269-5558

E. Smith 562-233-6836

T. Taylor 562-644-3310

R. Ward 562-754-0499

C. Abel 562-810-2311

J. Breeden 323-972-6888

D. Carey 562-822-9729

D. Cureton 562-230-5355

M. Dobberpuhl 562-858-5394

C. Duffy 951-552-3262

J. Fraser 562-799-0807

R. Grego 714-553-9151

W. Haller 562-889-0707

L. Hill 951-553-8062

N. Kay 909-471-9075

B. Mauga 949-874-1122

M. Mackenzie 949-637-3873

W. Nash 562-400-5310

C. Robnett 323-291-4342

B. Sher 951-704-5450

D. Torres 909-680-9092

E. Volivitch 714-742-5783

A. Zintsmaster 310-936-3874

M. Aguirre 949-637-5051

C. Brown 562-450-4488

P. Cheek 562-673-6562

J. Crabtree 562-833-2182

Jn. Davis 562-743-9247

B. Fisk 562-884-3327

D. Garrett 562-544-6823

J. Grimes 949-735-0945

J. Heflin 949-500-1224

B. Healy 714-421-0877

C. Lickhalter 310-406-7908

J. Moss 408-314-9120

R. Medina 619-248-0920

J. Owen 562-884-4948

K. Rindone 714-267-8772

A. Suarez 951-818-4219

C. Terhune 949-888-1109

T. Vasquez 909-921-6203

Professional Therapists

Dr. Duggan & Associates
(562) 433-7652
4137 E. 7th St
Long Beach, 90804

Dr. Gallivan
(310) 951-1282 or (714) 705-4618
10940 Wilshire Bl. #1600
Los Angeles, 90024

Dr. Klein
(714) 964-5779
21131 Binghampton Cir.
Huntington Beach, 92646

Employee Assistance Program

Mental Health Network offers six face-to-face, phone, or web-video sessions with licensed professionals in their network. Professionals can assist with:

Marriage, family, and relationship issues • Problems in the workplace • Stress, anxiety, and sadness • Grief, loss, or response to traumatic events • Concerns about your use of alcohol or drugs • Childcare and eldercare assistance • Financial services (budgeting, credit and financial questions, retirement planning) • Legal services (civil, consumer, and criminal law) • Identity theft recovery • Daily living services • Health & wellness coaching

Anyone who resides in the employee’s home is eligible for EAP services through MHN.

LBFD Chaplains

Duaine Jackson
Firefighters for Christ
(714) 675-3066

Tommy Hunter
His Place Church
(714) 271-9380

Tim Buzbee
Life Center Church
(562) 866-9078